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Understanding Gerbera Powdery MildewAFE  has released two new research reports to help the industry better respond to downy mildew and powdery mildews:

Blair Harlan and Mary Hausbeck, Ph.D., from Michigan State University examine downy mildew on coleus, a colorful bedding plant, in Report 134. Downy mildew can leave plants unmarketable, so the researchers have proposed an integrated pest management program to help growers produce high-quality coleus crops that are untouched by downy mildew.
The gerbera daisy industry in the U.S. is booming, as highlighted in Report 135, but powdery mildew on gerberas threatens profits. Leah Granke, Ph.D., from Michigan State University and Mary Hausbeck, Ph.D, examine the effects of environmental factors that could provide a framework for an integrated pest management technique to reduce the number of fungicides necessary to produce a healthy, profitable gerbera crop.
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