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We are starting off the year with a very big thank you to Florists’ Review and its president and publisher, Travis Rigby.

As a way to recognize and thank the loyal advertisers of Florists’ Review, Travis made a contribution in each company’s honor to support AFE programs and advance the floral industry.

A percentage of the total advertising dollars of Florists’ Review was donated to the Endowment to help grow our industry efforts.

These contributions will help make the floral industry stronger and more sustainable for generations to come.

On behalf of the AFE Board of Trustees, we want to thank Florists’ Review and Travis Rigby for the generous contributions and support!


You Can Help Support The Industry!

AFE is an independent nonprofit organization that helps strengthen the future of floriculture through programs which include:

  • Business Internships — Our Business Internship Program, complete with a free Employer Resource Guide, helps companies establish successful internship programs to bring top talent to their organizations.
  • Internships and Scholarships — We find floriculture and horticulture interns for commercial production, retail and wholesale operations. AFE also provides more than 20 annual scholarships.
  • Consumer Marketing Research — Research reports covering sympathy sales, purchasing behaviors, and marketing, including our new Floral Purchase Tracking Study.
  • Scientific Research — We fund research that tackles tough industry challenges from pests and diseases, technologies, care and handling and more!