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Deadline for Submission of Research Proposal Applications August 1 

Below are the research proposal forms and timeline for submitting projects to the Endowment.  The Endowment’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30, therefore funding for projects begins in July of next fiscal year.

AFE research solves scientific challenges posed by disease, pests, and other environmental issues. This research benefits not only growers but every segment of the industry down to the consumer.

In 2022, AFE’s Research Application was condensed and updated to include industry references that support the research project. Get helpful tips on how to submit a strong proposal from AFE’s Research Coordinator, Dr. Terril Nell, in the video below.

Research Application Process

All applications are due no later than August 1. Applications must strictly follow the guidelines or they will be returned. The first review and notification process will be completed by October 1st.

Special Note:  AFE requires that all funds for research and educational grants be used for the funded project. No funds may be used to cover indirect or overhead costs.


Research Application (APPLY HERE)
(Note: It is possible to type most of your answers directly into this form, with the exception of the supplemental information required, which can be submitted as a separate PDF file. If you are unable to type out your answers directly into the form, download the file and save it before completing it [see image below]).

Peer Review Process

Applications that are preliminarily approved for funding will be peer-reviewed. All researchers will be notified by October 1 of the status of their application. If selected, an independent scientific peer review* will be carried out. Final selection of research applications to be funded will be determined no later than January 15. This allows for the recruitment of graduate students to take place in the spring. Researchers will be notified in early February by email and postal mail.

Funding for research projects is administered in two phases. One half of annual funding is distributed in July/August and the other half in January.

Progress Report & Continuing Projects Funding Request

The Continuing Projects Funding Request has been incorporated into the Progress Report Application and is due by June 1. Continuing project funding is subject to review by the Board of Trustees and is contingent on the availability of funds. Final funding will be announced after the Endowment’s Annual Meeting in August. All documents must follow guidelines or they will be returned.

Progress Report & Continuing Projects Funding Request Form

Final Special Research Report

A Final Project Report is required for all projects that are terminated. The report must summarize the results of the project, its scientific accomplishments and its impact on the industry. The report(s) are due within 30 days of the termination of the project. – Final Special Research Report Format

The primary research priorities are listed below. They are focused on all floricultural crops – bedding plants, fresh cut flowers, fresh cut greens, flowering potted plants, and foliage plants.

  • Biocontrol of Pests
  • Postharvest Technology
  • Production Technology
  • Botrytis Control and Management
  • Thrips Control and Management
  • Advanced Breeding Technology, including CRISPR
  • Long-Term Storage and Shipping Conditions for Cut Flowers, Bedding, and Potted Plants
  • Automation and Technology Leading to Labor Savings
  • Sustainable Production and Handling Practices
  • Reduce the Impact of Climate Change on Production, Handling, and Product Quality

*If you are a researcher interested in becoming a peer reviewer, please contact AFE.  We are always seeking new reviewers in specialty fields.

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