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Past AFE-funded research helps your flowers stay healthier longer!

If you have a floriculture research project that needs to be funded, AFE wants to help in securing funding for your project. AFE is now calling for research pre-proposal applications for 2015-2016 funding, due no later than June 1, 2015.
AFE’s Production and Post-Harvest Research Committee has identified three high priority research areas for the current pre-proposal cycle that are relevant to all segments of the floral industry:

  • Control of Botrytis, not only during production but also during post-production
  • Control of leaf miners in all susceptible fresh cut flowers and potted plants
  • Specific post-production practices that include transportation requirements

Research projects can last from one to three years and any reasonable but justifiable budget will be considered. For the current 2014-2015 cycle, AFE will fund more than $250,000 in research.
Be sure to peruse AFE’s full list of scientific research priorities and the research proposal general application timeline for more details about the pre-proposal.
Scientific Research Project Examples:

  • Management protocols for floriculture crops
  • Management systems for diseases of floriculture crops
  • Management systems for insects affecting floricultural crops
  • Post-harvest management systems for floriculture and plant breeding
  • Genetic engineering of floricultural crops

Final research reports from previously funded AFE projects are available free of charge, and a list of currently funded research is also available online.