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Agronomy Society – Site developed by the American Society of Agronomy and describes their services and for sale publications.
Becker Underwood – Site developed by Becker Underwood and describes their production pest controls and supplies.
Bouldin & Lawson – Site developed by Bouldin & Lawson and describes their planting media (substrate) handling equipment.
College of Tropical Agricultural and Human Resources (Informational Databases) – Developed by the University of Hawaii and covers for-sale publications on many aspects of floriculture.
Dutch Plantin – Site developed by Dutch Plantin describing their products.
Everris – Site developed by Everris U.S. and describes their testing services and products.
Fafard – Site developed by Fafard and describes their planting media (substrates).
Floriculture Research and Application – A commercial site developed by Zeoponix with research data on bedding plants and some flowering potted plants.
Growth Products Limited – Site developed by Growth Products Limited and describes their biological control and fertilizer products.
Hamilton Engineering, Inc. – Site developed by Hamilton Engineering Inc. and describes their water heating and treating equipment.
Irrometer Company – Site developed by Irrometer Company and describes their moisture monitoring equipment.
Michigan Peat Company – Site developed by Michigan Peat Company and describes their planting media (substrates).
Myron L. Company – Site developed by Myron L. Company and describes their soil and water testing equipment.
Perishable Research Organization – Chain of Life Network SM website offers comprehensive collection of floral care, handling, and marketing information. Over 440 crops covered, and 100 commercial floral care products are presented in an easy-to-use format.
Premier Horticulture – Site developed by Premier Horticulture describing their planting media.
Purdue University Floriculture Extension – Developed by Purdue University. Site includes information on many floricultural crops. A comprehensive linkage site.
Saint-Gobain Cultilene – Site developed by Saint-Gobain Cultilene of The Netherlands and describes their planting media (substrates).
Soil Science Society – Site developed by the Soil Science Society of America and describes their programs and publications.
Spectrum Technologies – Site developed by Spectrum Technologies, Inc. and describes their climatic, moisture, EC and other equipment.
Vostermans Companies – Site developed by Vostermans Companies in The Netherlands and describes their greenhouse ventilation system.