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AFE Launches #FlowerMarketingMonday to Promote Flowers Through Videos

Move over Taco Tuesday!  The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has just created another day of the week that’s worthy of its own viral buzz — and it’s created especially for the floral industry. Introducing… #FlowerMarketingMonday!     

Beginning April 16th, and weekly through the end of 2018, a new video promoting flowers will be shared weekly on the AFE Facebook and Twitter pages.  The campaign, complete with a catchy hashtag #FlowerMarketingMonday will showcase a new 60 second or less video that retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers and anyone else in the floral industry can share on their own website and social media platforms to help promote everyday buying, and/or upcoming holidays.  

The goal: make each weekly video go viral and inspire flower giving across the globe!   
Each weekly video comes directly from the collection of creative masterpieces submitted during the Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF) and the American Floral Endowment's #FlowerLoveVideoContest held earlier this year, sponsored by Asocolflores. The contest encouraged flower lovers to promote the use and giving of fresh flowers through short videos and was created in response to the Marketing to Millennials Study, also sponsored by Asocolflores, that revealed the most successful way to reach young consumers was through video and social media.
The more than 50 video submissions include humorous skits, cute animations, surprise moments, artistic montages and testimonials that promote the everyday smiles that flowers bring.  
The FREE videos can be shared or embedded directly from the video, or through YouTube’s “share” button at any time for use on your business marketing outlets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or your website! Simply add your own messaging to your posts! Share them now or save them to promote later! 

Be sure to check AFE’s Facebook and Twitter each Monday to share the #FlowerMarketingMonday video!  The more shares, the more consumer outreach! 

To get started, download the April 16th kickoff weekly video.  

"Today marks the beginning of #FlowerMarketingMonday! Each week, we will share a new short video that retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers and anyone else in the floral industry can share on their own website and social media platforms. Download or share each video every Monday!

With #EarthDay coming up, we thought we would start off by sharing one of our favorites that showcases the variety of flowers our Earth provides for us and how many different ways we can use flowers to show our love!


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APRIL 2018
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