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Collegiate Plant Initiative at University of Florida Promotes Plant Love

All of us here at the Collegiate Plant Initiative (CPI) have been incredibly busy spreading the love of plants to college students and getting these students connected with opportunities within all sectors of the plant industry.

We are also very proud to report that we now have official status as a non-profit organization. Here is a short summary of our biggest achievements throughout the past semester:

Steve Spurrier, Heisman Trophy winning college football quarterback at
the University of Florida, stops
by the "Plant Drop".

In our pilot ‘Plant Drop’ on September 20, CPI gave away 212 coleus plants in Turlington Plaza at the University of Florida. This event was not marketed to students and there was no advertisement for it whatsoever. In six and a half minutes, every plant was gone.

That same day, we posted a time lapse video of the plants being given away to students on our Facebook account. Within two days, there were 6,100 views of the video and the post had been shared by 33 other individuals on Facebook, as well as several dozen direct messages to CPI asking where students could get more plants. In addition, a local newspaper had an article about the ‘Plant Drop’ published that weekend by a student who watched the madness unfold.

Our first official ‘Plant Drop’ on October 13 was held in Turlington Plaza again. This time, however, we created a page for the event on Facebook and advertised it on Instagram as well. More than 4,700 people RSVP’d as “Going” to the event and the event was shared by people from all over the state of Florida.

This time, it took only six minutes to give away 1,100

plants. Students were waiting for the plants before we were able to even get set up, and lined up for 15 minutes in anticipation of receiving a free plant. The University of Florida’s mascot, Alberta the Alligator, was in attendance for a photo op. The event was featured on local news and our social media accounts doubled in the number of previous followers.

Future ‘Plant Drops’ will take place at Penn State University and Texas A&M University this spring.

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APRIL 2018
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   Collegiate Plant Initiative at University of Florida Promotes Plant Love
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