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Coloring Our World: Giving Back in Multiple Ways

President of Design Master color tool, inc., Dwight Larimer has devoted his career to the promotion and enhancement of the use of color in floral and decorative projects.  He brings the same enthusiasm to his commitment to AFE - making outright annual gifts personally and through his company, arranging for a final gift to AFE through his estate plan, and even serving on the AFE Board. 


Advancing Floriculture Through Industry Support

A very special THANK YOU to the following organizations and individuals who have made a multi-year pledge commitment through AFE’s current pledge campaign.

The future of the floral industry depends on the availability of healthy, long-lasting flowers and plants.  AFE plays a vital role in helping make this happen by funding the necessary scientific research and assisting the future leaders of the industry through funding scholarships and grants.

Every tax-deductible donation to AFE helps make that possible.  Join this group by making a pledge or gift donation today!  Contact AFE for more information on ways to donate (703) 838-5211.


AFE in Action

AFE's Public Relations Committee, chaired by Charlie Walton, of Smithers-Oasis, has developed AFE's new tagline - "Funding Generations of Progress Through Research and Scholarships" to better reflect AFE's mission and accomplishments.  Read additional AFE committee reports on scientific research funding, internships, scholarships, grants, as well as development efforts. 

See what AFE has been up to!  


Advancing the Adoption of Pest Management Strategies on Cut Flowers Produced in the United States and Colombia: Part I

While there are major differences in cut flower production practices in Colombia and the U.S., one major similarity is the pests that must be controlled on a day-to-day basis. Many of these pests know no boundaries.

While U.S. growers and consumers demand exceptionally low thresholds for the presence of pests and their damage, this level is greater in Colombia. There, they must meet “0” tolerance requirements for many pests on products intended for export to the U.S. and other countries. A tour of the flower growing operations in Colombia reveals pest control practices that are unique and have no parallel in the U.S.

2011 - Issue Two
In This Issue
   Coloring Our World: Giving Back in Multiple Ways
   Advancing Floriculture Through Industry Support
   AFE in Action
   Advancing the Adoption of Pest Management Strategies on Cut Flowers Produced in the United States and Colombia: Part I
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Host an AFE Intern

Are you looking for an intern?  Twice yearly, AFE places top students in internships through the Vic and Margaret Ball (commercial production) and Mosmiller (retail/wholesale/allied) Internship Scholarship Programs.

These internships last between 3-6 months and award a cash scholarship to students upon completion.  Share your passion and knowledge with the future leaders of the industry.

Contact Debi Aker at (703) 838-5211 for more information on hosting an intern.


Calling all Reseachers!

AFE is calling for "Pre-Proposals" from researchers interested in 2012-2013 funding for either production and post-production scientific research projects, or public benefits research projects. The deadline for receiving pre-proposals is June 1, 2011.

AFE Public Benefits Research Chairman Paul Bachman of Bachman’s, Inc., in Minneapolis, acknowledges that many in the industry may not realize that AFE funds not only scientific research but also those projects that connect directly with the public. “AFE’s public benefits research enables the industry to conduct research on the impact of floral products and services on people and the environment,” Bachman said. “We’re interested in projects that shed light on how the floral industry can enhance the public’s experience with its products and services and, ultimately, better meet the needs of the market.”


Upcoming Deadlines:

For applications/pre-proposal forms or more information, visit www.endowment.org.

June 1 – Scientific and Public Benefits Research Pre-Proposals

June 1 – Educational Grant Applications

June 1 – Gus Poesch Research Pre-Proposals

September 1 – AFE Dinner Sponsorships Deadline

October 1 – Ball and Mosmiller Intern Applications Due



AFE Alerts!

Don't miss out on the "Hot Off The Press" AFE funded research reports and announcements.  AFE Alerts are e-mailed to donors when any new research reports or news alerts are posted on the website.  Help us keep you informed by providing us with your e-mail address.  AFE will not share or distribute your e-mail address.  Submit your e-mail address to email@afeendowment.org.

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