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Internships Making a Difference!

For students and the industry

In the last year alone, AFE has awarded and placed over 20 students in paid internships at leading floral industry organizations.

Internships provide a hands-on learning experience to further classroom experience and create lasting connections in the industry while discovering interests. Students can decide what size, type, and location they are looking for in employment post-graduation. While there is no guarantee, many of our interns receive a full-time position as a result of their internship.

As an organization who acts as an internship host, you will be doing your part to ensure the future of the floral industry. By attracting young professionals, you will be addressing a dire need in the industry. Additionally, you will have extra help for the three to six month period…and maybe even end up with a future employee!

Internships – You Have Choices!

One of the internship programs offered by AFE is the Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Program. Vic and Margaret Ball of Ball Horticultural started this program. Students placed through this paid internship program work for three, four or six months at a commercial production greenhouse or facility. After the internship is complete, students receive $1,500, $4,000 or $6,000 scholarships from AFE, according to the length of the internship. The employers also pay the students directly during the internship. Additionally, AFE offers a travel advance to help with any travel expenses.

The second internship program offered is the Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Program. A bequest by the late Colonel and Mrs. Walter E. Mosmiller Jr. resulted in this program. Through the Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Program, students have the opportunity to train at a leading retail, wholesale or allied trade operation for 10 to 16 weeks. Employers pay their students directly during the internship. Following the completion of their internship experience, they will receive $2,000 from AFE as a scholarship.

The Process

To apply for any of these internships, you don’t need any prior professional experience; being enrolled in a floriculture or horticulture program at a two or four-year institution is enough. That being said, the employers do have the opportunity to review your application, resume and hold an interview (either in-person or on the phone.)

For students, the process starts by visiting our website at endowment.org/internships. From there, you may decide which program you would like to apply for. You will fill out the online application and provide the necessary materials. A committee, specially-dedicated to each program, will then review your materials. If approved, our Program Coordinator will work with you to find an internship that fits your needs and wants. While you do have a say in which location you would like to be placed in, we encourage individuals to keep an open mind through the process. Many of our students are pleasantly surprised when given an opportunity to travel to a location other than where they originally had in mind.

During each internship, you will be required to fulfill the responsibilities given to you by your employer. You will have a faculty advisor from your university that will both check-in and guide with you during the length of your internship. Following the internship, a report of 500 words or less will be submitted by the student for review by AFE’s dedicated committee. Once the report and the employer’s evaluation are reviewed, the student will receive the promised program scholarship funds. Throughout the entire process, our fantastic Program Coordinator is always available for any questions or concerns.

Want to get hands-on, PAID experience AND a scholarship for working in the field you love? We accept applications twice a year (March 1 and October 1!) Apply to the Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Program or the Mosmiller Intern Program here.

For employers, the process starts when you identify the internship opportunities of your organization. Once you contact AFE to let us know about your interest and opportunities, we will work with you to establish an internship program at your company. Hiring one of the interns ensures hiring the best of the best. Not all applicants are selected; each is stringently reviewed by a specially-dedicated AFE committee, prior to being selected.

Hosts agree to employ the student for the designated time and pay a fair market wage. During the internship, it is expected of hosts to show the student the scope of their company as well as provide a varied, meaningful experience. Communication between employers and the intern will help ensure this. We also will need a short evaluation of the student’s internship, so we can provide them their scholarship at the conclusion of the program.

If you have housing readily available for interns — great! If not, we ask for your help in identifying options and safe locations. You are not responsible for paying for housing; that’s the investment of the student!

Interested in being a part of ensuring the future of floriculture? Sign up to be an internship host here.

For more information on our intern scholarship programs or to read previous intern reports on their experience visit endowment.org/internships.