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Increasing Demand and Satisfaction in the Floral Industry

New Study Results Explores Purchasing, Preferences, and Targeted Messaging


The Floral Marketing Fund (FMF) released the results from the first of three consumer preferences studies being completed in 2021, Increasing Demand and Satisfaction in the Floral Industry. The results come from two separate surveys conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic (one in July of 2020 and one in June of 2021) by researchers Dr. Benjamin L. Campbell, Dr. Julie H. Campbell, and Dr. Jessica A. Holt at the University of Georgia. The study was funded by the FMF, whose mission is to develop, support, and promote collaborative fundraising, research, and marketing efforts to increase flower sales.

As businesses look to serve new and existing customers, they must ensure they are not only driving awareness for products but also giving customers what they want in a cut flower. The study examines why people bought cut flowers, how to drive awareness through advertising, and what customers want.

FMF Chairman, Pat Dahlson, CEO of Mayesh Wholesale Florist, commented, “This study presents key data on consumer preferences and ways the floral industry can better promote our products to improve the customer experience.”

The study identified where consumers are purchasing flowers, what their future plans were to purchase, and the types of products bought/received. It also asks about the consumer’s perspective on the benefits of flowers and word association with flowers.

Other key topics include:

In terms of age demographics, Gen X and Millennials were more likely to say they would purchase flowers within the next year than Baby Boomers across most gift-giving occasions. The results by demographic also examine of types of flowers purchased and packaging both bought and received. It’s also clear that younger consumers are open to breaking the norm, like purchasing additional products to compliment cut flowers and purchasing non-traditional flowers for different occasions.

This study, along with the other two upcoming releases in 2021, will be accessible and downloadable on the FMF’s site for FREE to help all segments of the floral industry. To stay up to date on our research updates and marketing efforts, follow the FMF’s Facebook page and check back to the site for new resources and reports

To view the full final report and results, visit www.floralmarketingfund.org.


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