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Arizona Retail Florist Education Travel Grant

This travel grant was developed for traditional retail florists in Arizona to pursue floral industry educational or design events. The fund was created through the efforts of Ken Young AAF while a member of the AFE Board of Trustees. Initial funds to establish the Grant originated from the defunct FTD District 8K with additional initial funding requirements to establish the fund being provided by Ken and Lynn Young. The value of the fund increases with contributions from industry members made to AFE that are designated for the fund.

Each year, one recipient will be selected by AFE’s Education Committee to receive a travel grant of up to $1,000 to help cover the cost of attending an out-of-state industry educational event.

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Applicants must be owners, managers, or employees of traditional retail florists with a brick-and-mortar storefront in Arizona and MUST be requesting this grant for an event that takes place outside of Arizona. An exception to the out-of-state travel requirement is allowed if a national program (like SAF Convention or AIFD Symposium) is held within Arizona.

The grant will be made as a reimbursement after the event is attended. A  recipient can receive the grant once every five years. 

“This new grant gives Arizona retail florists a great opportunity to attend a major national event and further their education within the industry,” said AFE Trustee Ken Young of Phoenix Flower Shops in Arizona.

Examples of eligible opportunities include:

The intent of this grant is to expand an applicant’s attendance beyond events they regularly attend and potentially share their expanded knowledge with their industry peers in Arizona. In reviewing applications, weight is given to the diversity of program selected. For example, if the last two or three awards have been to attend the same event then an application to attend an alternative event would be given additional weight.

Applications for this travel grant must be for an industry event in the coming year. (For example, apply in 2023 for travel in 2024.)

“The Endowment is opening new paths on ways to support education and industry programs,” said AFE Executive Director Debi Chedester. “This grant is a perfect example of how industry contributions can be used to establish new offerings and programs.”

The application deadline for this grant is October 1 each year.

Apply Through the Form Below


Download the Arizona Retail Florist Education Travel Grant Application.

The 2022 recipient was Renee’ Potter, Owner of Fred’s Flowers in Tempe, AZ
Renee’ used her grant to attend the 2023 AIFD Symposium in Chicago, Illinois.

“The AIFD Symposium was great as always! I was inspired by the mainstage design programs. There were lots of hugs, laughter and comradery reuniting with floral friends I only see once a year. Meeting new industry members from around the country and the world is unique to this annual event. Networking at the Partners Showcase and viewing everyone’s stunning displays is always one of my favorite days at Symposium. The two formal dinners are always fun and delicious! Especially this year with a themed dinner on the final night — Who doesn’t love a good costume party?!?”

Past recipients:
2022: Renee’ Potter AIFD from Fred’s Flowers in Tempe, AZ – 2023 AIFD Symposium in Chicago, Illinois
2021: Patti Klawans of Mayfield Florist — 2022 AIFD Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada
2019:  Bre Schindler of PJ’s Flowers & Events – Due to Covid 19 AIFD 2020 was canceled.
2018: Martha Aaron of Sedona Mountain High Flowers in Sedona, Arizona — 2019 AIFD Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada
2017:  Karen Crawford of God’s Garden Treasures – 2018 AIFD Symposium in Seattle, WA

Arizona Retail Florist Travel Grant Application

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