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Funding Innovation for the Industry: 2024-2025 Research Projects

Collage of images representing research funding through the American Floral Endowment

A core value of our mission is to help address industry challenges and struggles through the funding of cutting-edge research. We understand the important role research plays in sustaining our industry, and as a result, much of the research that has transformed industry practices in the past 60+ years has been sponsored by AFE, helping to provide longer-lasting, better-quality flowers and plants. We are committed to continuing to support advancements like this, and accept new proposals from researchers each year. 

AFE’s Research Committee and the Society of American Florists Growers Council carefully review these proposals and evaluate them for their focus, reach, and benefit to the industry. If selected, an independent scientific peer review is carried out. 

We are pleased to announce that in 2024-2025, AFE will support 12 research projects in total, including five new projects and seven continuing projects, with $600,000 in funding from the Endowment’s Research Funds. 

Insect Management
Nutrition and Water Management
Production Technology/Tools
Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering
Disease Management
Production Technology/Tools

To see a full list of our currently funded projects, click here.

It’s important to us to not only help fund this vital research, but also to help distribute it widely so as many people as possible can benefit from its results. Each month, a nationally recognized researcher is featured in our Grow Pro Webinar Series to offer ‘how-to’ advice based on AFE-funded and other research projects. These topics focus on ways growers can increase profit, overcome current challenges, improve efficiency, and implement more sustainable practices. These webinars are completely free to all, thanks to generous sponsors. 

In addition, AFE publishes a quarterly e-newsletter, Growing Further, which contains the latest reports, news, and resources for growers. Click here if you’d like to sign up to receive this publication. 

Lastly, AFE provides a Thrips and Botrytis Research library, launched in 2023, designed to address the widespread losses from these pests affecting our industry and provide solutions to growers through insightful fact sheets, webinars, and engaging articles in both English and Spanish. This library was made possible through a special research campaign launched in 2017 which raised $1.5 million in pledges. Visit the library here to access free resources and education.

Because there are always more research funding requests than funding, contributions and support from the industry are vital to helping AFE support more research projects providing new innovation and advancements. Please consider making a donation today, and help us continue providing solutions to support a stronger industry, now and for the future. 

Feedback about critical needs and challenges you are facing help us inform our research priorities each year. Don’t hesitate to contact our research team with your suggestions!

Applications for research funding are due no later than August 1st each year. The first review and notification process is completed by October 1st, and final selection is determined no later than January 15th. Learn more about the application and apply here