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A Spotlight on Thrips and Botrytis Management at Cultivate 2023

An incredible 188 people attended AFE’s educational session “Effective Management of Thrips and Botrytis” at Cultivate ’23 this July. It was one of the highest attended sessions in the history of the event.  

This session was part of the American Floral Endowment’s Thrips and Botrytis Campaign, an initiative aimed at reducing the impact of these pests on the floriculture industry. Dr. Rose Buitenhuis from Vineland Research and Innovation Centre shared insights into the components of a successful thrips IPM program, including identification of different thrips species and biological control. Dr. Jim Faust from Clemson University focused on the recommended techniques for reducing botrytis from the greenhouse to the postharvest environment. The session provided participants with practical information that could be immediately implemented in their operations.

As part of the Thrips and Botrytis campaign, we have released a NEW Thrips and Botrytis Resource Library, which is FREE TO ALL thanks to the campaign’s generous industry sponsors. This comprehensive online resource is designed to be a one-stop-shop, with resources in both English and Spanish, including informative webinars, insightful fact sheets, and engaging articles on the latest research and implementation strategies. The Thrips and Botrytis Resource Library will continue to be updated as new research findings and resources are released to the industry.

Visit our New Thrips and Botrytis Resource Library

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