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5 Tips to Creating a Winning Flower Love Video

official contest pageFMRF’s 2nd Annual Flower Love Video Contest launched earlier this month and is now accepting submissions through December 2. Want to make your video the best it can be? We’ve got some tips for you:

1. Check out the contest rules

First things first, make sure you are following the rules. Unfortunately, if you break any of the rules listed in the rule guidelines, you could be disqualified. For example, remember that you CANNOT have any logos in your video (even your own!) Check the rules out before you start creating your video, so you don’t have to re-do any part of the process.

2. Avoid technology mishaps

It happens. But we’re here to warn you before you make the mistake. If you shoot your video on your phone, make sure that you turn your phone horizontal, keep your phone steady, don’t have a finger in the frame…the list goes on. Think about things like this before you start, so you don’t end up with unusable footage.

3. Start early

Don’t wait until December 1st to start your Flower Love Video. The videos will be judged on creativity/originality, quality and commercial appeal. If you want to make sure your video is the best it can be in all three areas, make sure you allow yourself enough time to plan, film and edit your video. The last thing you want is to have to do all of these things in a matter of days. The end result is only 30-60 seconds but making a video will take more time than that!

4. Stand out

Have fun with the video! Add music, use costumes, shoot in unique locations, just make sure they are your property or royalty free and there is no visible branding. If you were watching the videos about why people love flowers, what would make YOURS standout? The public will be looking through tons of videos before they vote. What about your video will make them remember that yours is the best?

5. Think about what makes you love flowers

After All, this is the Flower Love Video Contest. You’re in this industry for a reason. What is it? What makes you want to study, grow, sell, work with, and just be surrounded by flowers? If you can show us why you love flowers, that alone will make a great video!

For more information about the contest visit the official contest page.
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