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AFE’s Research Committee announces a new research funding process and a revised application for 2019. The new application process is a single application form. For many years, AFE’s process required researchers to submit a pre-proposal application. Then, if preliminarily selected by the committee and industry members, it required a more detailed full proposal.

“We realized the time constraints on researchers, and in an effort to help streamline their requests for research funding, we developed the new process”, says AFE Research Coordinator Dr. Terril Nell.

In addition to the new application process, we’ve also fine-tuned our research priorities based on direct feedback from those in the industry. At the top of the list are pest and diseases, like thrips and Botrytis that are costing the industry millions. The priorities include production and postharvest technologies, advanced breeding technology, long-term shipping and handling and automation leading to labor savings. Researchers are encouraged to look at the complete list of the priorities at, and submit the new research application form by the June 1 deadline.

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