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Mosmiller – Employers

InternAFE is always seeking employers to host Mosmiller interns.  The majority of Mosmiller interns participate at retail floral shops, however, wholesale operations and allied trade organizations are also key components of the program.
Students who receive a Mosmiller internship perform their internship for 10-16 weeks.

Participating Employers Are Asked To:

  • Employ the Intern at a fair market wage for the geographic area and position (not less than the hourly minimum wage).
  • Provide the Intern with an overview of the entire company.
  • Provide varied, worthwhile experience, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Provide for periodic Intern/supervisor discussion.
  • Help the Intern locate reasonably priced housing for the training period. (Employer is not responsible for rent.)
  • Complete an Intern performance questionnaire at the conclusion of training.
  • 15 Best Practices for Internship Programs

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