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TheOhioStateLogoAFE invites Faculty and Floricultural students at The Ohio State University to electronically submit research proposals for funding of their research projects.  Deadline for Proposal Applications is August 1, of each year.

All grant recipients are required to electronically submit progress reports twice a year, on August 1 and December 1, for the AFE Board to review at the July and January meetings. Final reports are published and sent to donors and those who request information.

A recent survey of growers indicated the following research opportunities in our mission to improve the production and marketability of plants:

  • Increasing shelf life /garden performance
  • Economical means for recycling greenhouse waste
  • Water quality /alkalinity control
  • Evaluation /development of biocontrol methods and management techniques
  • Improving production techniques
  • Plug production techniques
  • Perennial production techniques
  • Production techniques to conserve water and protect ground water
  • Control of pest problems such as: thrips, aphids, whitefly, fungus gnats
  • Control of disease problems such as: TSWV, botrytis, mildew, pythium

Research Grant Application Requirements

It is the policy of AFE to not fund travel expenses or overhead / administrative costs.  Grant durations are for one year, renewal requests can be submitted annually.