Agricultural Measurement Instruments – Site developed by Spectrum Technologies describing environmental monitoring equipment.

Apogee Instruments – Site developed by Apogee Instruments describing their temperature and light sensors.

B&K Installations – Site developed by B & K Installations, Inc. and describes their greenhouses.

Conley’s Greenhouse – Site developed by Conley’s Greenhouse Manufacturing & Sales and describes their greenhouse structures.

Coolair – Site developed by Coolair and describes their greenhouse fans and cooling systems.

Cornell Greenhouse Horticulture – Site developed by Cornell University and covers many aspects of floriculture.

Floraculture International – Site developed by Floriculture International and lists trade shows, companies, suppliers and growers associations.

Hamilton Engineering, Inc. – Site developed by Hamilton Engineering Inc. and describes their water heating and treating equipment.

Hummert International – Site developed by Hummert International and describes their greenhouse structures and production equipment.

Lights Interaction – Site developed by Lights Interaction in The Netherlands and describes their greenhouse lighting systems

Ludy Greenhouses – Site developed by Ludy Greenhouses and describes their greenhouses.

Ludvig Svensson, Inc. – Site developed by Ludvig Svensson Inc. and describes their range of greenhouse screens.

Nexus Greenhouses – Site developed by Nexus Greenhouses and describes their greenhouse structures and related equipment.

Polysack – Site developed by Polysack in Israel and describes their light and temperature moderating coverings.

P.L. Light Systems – Site developed by P.L. Light Systems and describes their supplemental lighting systems.

Poly-Tex, Inc. – Site developed by Poly-Tex describing their covers for greenhouse and growing areas.

Purdue University Floriculture Extension – Developed by Purdue University. Site includes information on many floricultural crops. A comprehensive linkage site.

Rough Brothers – Site developed by Rough Brothers Incorporated and describes their greenhouses and equipment.

SunDair Heating – Site developed by SunDair Heating and describes their heating systems.

Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing, Inc. – Site developed by Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing Inc. and describes their greenhouse structures, production supplies and floral design school.

Total Energy Group – Site developed by the Total Energy Group, Inc. and describes their greenhouse heating and shade systems and other supplies and equipment.

Vostermans Companies – Site developed by Vostermans Companies in The Netherlands and describes their greenhouse ventilation system.

Westbrook Greenhouse Systems – Site developed by Westbrook Greenhouse Systems and describes their greenhouse structures.