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Bush Refrigeration – Site developed by Bush Refrigeration and describes their walk-in and floral coolers.
Care and Handling Manual – Site developed by the Society of American Florists and describes the for-sale publication on the care and handling of fresh cut flowers and greens, bedding plants, flowering potted plants and other living floricultural products. This manual was written by Dr. Terril Nell of the University of Florida and Dr. Michael Reid of the University of California at Davis, with research projects supported by AFE.
College of Tropical Agricultural and Human Resources (Informational Databases) – Developed by the University of Hawaii and covers for-sale publications on many aspects of floriculture.
Commercial Floriculture Information Leaflets – Provides information on flower and bedding plant production.
Deer Run Greenery – Site developed by Deer Run Greenery and describes their fresh cut greens and wreaths.
NewCROP – Provides an index of scientific and common names of crops along with a directory of horticultural books and manuals.
Ohio Floriculture Online – Provides information on the floriculture programs at The Ohio State University and related subject matter.
SRC Refrigeration – Site developed by SRC Refrigeration and covers their floral coolers.
Sunshine Horticulture – Site developed by Sunshine Horticulture in China and describes their young foliage plants from tissue culture.
The Hawaii Tropical Flower Council – Site developed by the Hawaii Tropical Flower Council and describes their Hawaiian-grown Tropical flowers, plants and greens.