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Alstroemeria Information– A commercial site developed by Konst Alstromeria and covers their cultivars, cultural and other information on Alstroemeria.
Association of Specialty Cut Flowers – The site primarily covers outdoor cut flowers and their production, research, a flower search function for vendors, industry information and membership information. – Provides information on outdoor fresh cut flowers and thrips.
California Cut Flower Commission – Site developed by the California Cut Flower Commission and describes their programs related to fresh cut flower production.
Care and Handling Manual– Site developed by the Society of American Florists and describes the for-sale publication on the care and handling of fresh cut flowers and greens, bedding plants, flowering potted plants and other living floricultural products. This manual was written by Dr. Terril Nell of the University of Florida and Dr. Michael Reid of the University of California at Davis, with research projects supported by AFE.
College of Tropical Agricultural and Human Resources (Informational Databases)– Developed by the University of Hawaii and covers for-sale publications on many aspects of floriculture.
Cornell Greenhouse Horticulture– Site developed by Cornell University and covers many aspects of floriculture.
Danziger– Site developed by Danziger of Israel and describes their range of plant products.
Ecke Ranch– Site developed by Ecke Ranch and describes their poinsettias and other plant products.
Floralife, Inc.– Site developed by Floralife, Inc. and describes their post-harvest products and services.
Floriculture Information – Developed by North Carolina State University, this site has information on many floricultural topics. Individual crops can be searched.
Florigene Ltd.– Site developed by Florigene Limited and describes their carnations and roses for cut flower production.
Flower Information – Developed by the University of Kentucky. Site covers many topics. Individual topics can be searched.
Franko Roses– Site developed by Franko Roses of New Zealand and describes their cut and garden roses.
Hakusan Company– Site developed by Hakusan Company Ltd. in Japan and describes their available plants materials and products.
Hausermann Incorporated– Site developed by Orchids by Hausermann Incorporated and describes their cut flowers and flowering potted plants.
The Hawaii Tropical Flower Council – Site developed by the Hawaii Tropical Flower Council and describes their Hawaiian-grown Tropical flowers, plants and greens.
Horticultural Marketing Agency– Site developed by the Horticultural Marketing Agency (Productschap Tuinbouw) and covers all horticultural crops in the Netherlands.
John Henry Company – Site developed by the John Henry Company and describes their marketing aids.
Meilland International – Site developed by Meilland International and describes their cut and garden roses.
Moerheim Roses– Site developed by Moerheim Roses and Trading in the Netherlands and describes their cut roses and other cut flower products.
NC State Floriculture Information Center – Postharvest – Site developed by NCSU and covers many aspects of post-production floriculture.
Peony Hotline – Offers cut flower peonies for sale to retail and wholesale florists. Provides information about peony varieties, availability and also care & handling advice.
Perishable Research Organization – Chain of Life Network SM website offers comprehensive collection of floral care, handling, and marketing information. Over 440 crops covered, 100 commercial floral care products are presented in an easy-to-use format.
Postharvest Physiology Books– Site was developed by the University of California, Davis and describes several for sale books on postharvest storage of flowers and other crops.
Purdue University Floriculture Extension– Developed by Purdue University. Site includes information on many floricultural crops. A comprehensive linkage site.
Rio Roses– Site developed by Equiflor Corporation and describes their Rio Roses® and services.
Royal Van Zanten – Site developed by Royal Van Zanten in The Netherlands and covers their flower bulb, cut flower and pot plant “Young” products.
Schreurs – Site developed by Schreurs Gerberas and Roses, The Netherlands and describes their gerberas and roses.
Speedling Incorporated – Site developed by Speedling Incorporated and describes their vegetative products and production equipment.
SRC Refrigeration – Site developed by SRC Refrigeration and covers their floral coolers.
Sun Valley Group – Site developed by the Sun Valley Group and describes their fresh cut flowers and services.
Texas A&M University Agricultural Research & Extension Center– Developed by the Research and Extension Center of Texas A&M at Weslaco. Focus is on orchids.