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   – Site developed by the Society of American florists and covers all aspects of floral design.
Benz School of Floral Design – Developed by Texas A&M University, this site provides information on the Benz School of Floral Design, which is considered one of the finest available in the floral design field.
Bush Refrigeration – Site developed by Bush Refrigeration and describes their walk-in and floral coolers.
Candle Artisans – Site developed by Candle Artisans, Inc. and describes their candles and services.
Care and Handling Manual – Site developed by the Society of American Florists and describes the for-sale publication on the care and handling of fresh cut flowers and greens, bedding plants, flowering potted plants and other living floricultural products. This manual was written by Dr. Terril Nell of the University of Florida and Dr. Michael Reid of the University of California, Davis, with research projects supported by AFE.
Deer Run Greenery – Site developed by Deer Run Greenery and describes their fresh cut greens and wreaths.
Ethylene Control, Inc. – Site developed by Ethylene Control, Inc. and describes their ethylene scrubber products.
Floralife, Inc. – Site developed by Floralife, Inc. and describes their post-harvest products and services.
Floral Design Institute – Site developed by Floral Design Institute of Portland, Ore., describing their programs.
Floral Merchandising Systems – Site developed by Floral Merchandising Systems and describes their and describes their stands, underwater stem cutters, proportioners and other products.
Highland Supply Corporation – Site developed by Highland Supply Corporation describes their gift baskets and floral packaging supplies.
John Henry Company – Site developed by the John Henry Company and describes their marketing aids.
MEI – Site developed by MEI, a Division of Marcy Enterprises, and describes their ethylene scrubbers and refrigeration systems.
Milton Adler Company – Site developed by the Milton Adler Company and describes their floral design products and services.
Posie-Packer – Site developed by Posie-Packer Corporation and describes their underwater flower cutter and other products and services.
Phil Rulloda School of Floral Design Arts and Flower Shop Management – Site developed by Phil Rulloda and describes his floral design services.
Signature Design Boxes – A site advertising signature boxes for marketing fresh cut flowers on special occasions, e.g., birthdays.
SRC Refrigeration – Site developed by SRC Refrigeration and covers their floral coolers.
Structural Plastics Corporation – Site developed by Structural Plastics Corporation and describes their plant display equipment.
Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing, Inc. – Site developed by Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing, Inc. and describes their greenhouse structures, production supplies and floral design school.
Syndicate Sales – Site developed by Syndicate Sales and describes their lines of vases, foams and cut flower foods.
DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc. – Site developed by DESIGN MASTER color tool, inc. and describes their line of floral finishing sprays.