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Aggie Horticulture – Horticulture information on teaching, research and extension programs at Texas A&M University.
Aggie Horticulture Just for Kids – Developed by Texas A&M University, this site provides information on learning how to use gardening to get kids excited about science and nutrition.
Colorado State Programs – Site developed by Colorado State University and covers education programs in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.
e-GRO University – Video lectures and tutorials about a wide variety of topics relevant to growers. Site also includes a bookstore providing educational publications.
Environmental Horticulture – Developed by the University of Florida, this site covers all aspects related to horticulture and includes floriculture.
Floriculture Industry Roundtable of the Midwest (FIRM) – Funded by the Gus Poesch Research Fund through AFE, FIRM is a collaborative group of individuals involved in the greenhouse production of ornamental and vegetable crops and is presently comprised of Extension educators and researchers from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kansas, along with representatives from grower organizations, greenhouse businesses, and the industry at large. FIRM members assess the state of the greenhouse industry throughout the year, and discussions are used as an educational forum by roundtable members.
Floriculture Information– Developed by North Carolina State University, this site has information on many floricultural topics. Individual crops can be searched.
Floral Strategies – A commercial site developed by Floral Strategies to assist in educating flower retailers to increase profitability.
Flower Information – Developed by the University of Kentucky, this site covers many topics. Individual topics can be searched.
Gardens and Plants -A site developed by The Royal Horticultural Society of the United Kingdom. Click on research, libraries or publications for related information.
Horticulture and Crop Science in Virtual Perspective – Developed by the Ohio State University, this site is a departmental home page covering many educational/horticultural programs.
Insects in the Classroom – Developed by Texas A&M University. Site provides a curriculum resource of teachers to teach entomology to their students.
Instructional Materials Service – Developed by Texas A&M University. This site allows high school teachers to order curriculum materials on agricultural science and technology.
N.C. State University Dept. of Plant Pathology – Site developed by the Department of Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University and covers all aspects of their programs.
Open Colleges – Provides online courses in horticulture (Certificate II and Certificate III) delivered by industry experts teaching fundamental skills to succeed in the industry.
Quebec Advisory Service – Site in French, English and Spanish and developed by the Institut Quebecois de Developpement d l’Horticultura Ornamentale (IQDHO) and describes their programs and services, which are primarily for pay.
South Florida School of Floral Design – Site developed by the South Florida School of Floral Design in Lake Worth, Fla., and covers their educational programs.