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AFE donors in the Builders Club have given between $25,000 – $49,999 in total cumulative donations.

Photo15Accent Décor
A.L. Randall Co.
Allied Hort Sales, Inc.
Arthur Blome Estate
Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Florist
Ball Publishing Company
Barbara Mosmiller
Bay City Flower Company, Inc.
Bill Suyeyasu Wholesale Florist, Inc.
BioWorks, Inc.
Blackmore Co., Inc
Candle Artisans Inc.
CCC Associates
Century Florist Supply Company
Chrysal Americas
Clackamas Greenhouse, Inc.
Cleveland Plant & Flower Company
Continental Farms
Continental Flowers
DESIGN MASTER color tool Inc.
Dillon Floral Corporation
Earl J Small Growers, Inc.
Egon and Laina Molbak
Equiflor/Rio Roses
Fall River Florist Supply Company, Inc.
Floral & Nursery Times
Floralife, Inc.
Four Farmers
Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc.
Gardens America
Gary Gallup
Glass Corner Greenhouses, Inc.
Gude Brothers Company
Hall Affiliates, Inc.
Harry Tayama
Henry Mast Greenhouses, Inc.
Hills Floral Group
Ivy Acres, Inc.
Jim Botsis Wholesaler’s Educational Program
Joel Goldsmith
JR and Mary Phillip
Kamut International, Ltd.
Knud Nielsen Company, Inc.
Krueger-Maddux Greenhouses
Long Island Flower Growers Association
M. Fossum
Malmborg’s, Inc.
Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.
Mikkelsens Incorporated
Pearlstein Family Foundation
Pittsburgh Cut Flower Company
Presbyterian Foundation
Redbook Florist Services
Rita Van Namen
Royer’s Flower Shop
Sieck Wholesale Florist
Southern Floral Company
Sunlet Nursery, Inc.
Sunshine State Carnations, Inc.
Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
The Roy Houff Company
The Scotts Company
Tomasovic Greenhouses & Nursery, Inc.
W.F.R., Inc.
Walter Mosmiller, Jr.
Weatherford Farms & Greenhouses, Inc.
World Commerce Online