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The Endowment wants to help you secure funding for your floriculture research project!
AFE is now calling for research pre-proposal applications for 2017-2018 funding, due no later than June 1.

 Gerbera crops
AFE Floral Research 2

AFE-funded research helps your flowers grow stronger and healthier!

The primary research funding priorities are relevant to all segments of the floral industry:

  • Botrytis Control
  • Thrips Control and Management
  • Postharvest Care and Handling
  • Production Management

Read AFE’s full list of scientific research priorities and the general application timeline for more details.
For the current 2016-2017 cycle, AFE is funding more than $300,000 in research. Research projects can last from one to three years and any reasonable but justifiable budget will be considered.
Scientific Research Project Examples:

  • New Approaches for the Control of Botrytis During Production, Shipping and/or Retail Display
  • Innovative Biological and Chemical Control Practices Leading to Successful Control of Western Flower Thrips in Flower Production
  • Production and Handling Practices Providing High Quality and Long Lasting Cut Flowers, Potted Plants and Bedding Plants
  • Evaluation and Development of Technology Leading to Greater Crop Efficiency and Improved Flower Quality

Final research reports from previously funded AFE projects are available FREE online, and a list of currently funded research is also available.
Apply here and submit all supporting documents by the June 1 deadline!