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AFE-Funded Researchers Go Face to Face with Thrips

by Ashley Alexander

Sound scientific research has guided many of the flower crop production and postharvest handling practices used by growers, wholesalers, supermarkets and retail outlets today. AFE realizes that research you support must have direct value to each of you and to your companies. Assuring that research is relevant to flower production begins with making sure that […]

Daily Light Integral Maps for the U.S.

by Ashley Alexander

Daily Light Integral (DLI) maps display the ambient light delivered daily during each month across the entire U.S. These maps were researched and developed by James Faust of Clemson University and Joanne Logan of The University of Tennessee. They are unique because DLI is a measurement of light that is particularly valuable for estimating plant […]

Preventing Downy Mildew on Coleus, Roses and Spotted Deadnettle

by Lori Ostrow
Mary Hausbeck - Floriculture/Horticulture Research

The floriculture industry faces complex issues that research funded by AFE helps address and solve. The Endowment has funded research from Dr. Mary Hausbeck, Professor and Extension Specialist at Michigan State University, on the disease downy mildew. In an article published in Greenhouse Grower magazine, Dr. Hausbeck discusses how downy mildew diseases are potentially devastating […]