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Apply now for AFE educational grants for 2016-2017!
Educational grant applications are available online and must be submitted by June 1.

Floriculture InfoSearch

A past AFE educational grant helped fund the Floriculture InfoSearch Engine and AFE Floriculture Library.

AFE educational grants help fund programs that are wide-reaching educational endeavors that solve industry needs and challenges and focus on attracting young people to the industry. For 2015-2016, the Endowment funded more than $43,000 in educational grants.

Previous programs funded through AFE educational grants:

Floral Plant Giveaway Prep

Volunteers prepare boxes with plants and labels as part of the Floral Plant Giveaway Project, funded by a past AFE educational grant.

  • The National Floriculture Forum (NFF), which unites professors, extension specialists, graduate students, scientists and other industry leaders for a multi-day collaborative meeting.
  • The e-GRO (Electronic Grower Resources Online) Alert, which brings together floriculture specialists to create an online distribution system for alerts about disease, insects, environmental concerns, physiological and nutritional disorders in commercial greenhouses, etc.

All requests are renewed on an annual basis with funding dependent on the amount of funds available at the time.

To apply by the June 1 deadline, visit