AFE donors who have given between $1,000 – $2,499 in total cumulative donations.

Thank You Flowers copyA. Caggiano, Inc.

A. Cavallaro & Son, Inc.

A. Dykstra Florist

A. G. Beiser Wholesale Floral Co.

A. Nagamine Nursery, Inc.

Accent Florist

Action International

Adelaide’s Flowers & Gifts

Adhesive Technologies

Agrexco (USA) Ltd.

Ah Sam Floral Company

Ahern’s, Inc.

Airborne Express

Al Wilhelmy Flowers, Inc.

Al-Par Peat Co.

Albert J Lauer, Inc.

All Seasons Flowers LLC

Allburn Florists

Allcities Allstates Flowers-By-Phone

Alpine Floral, Inc.

American Horticultural Society

Americana Floral Distributor, Inc.

Americas Flower Dist., Inc.

Amling Brothers

Anchor Hocking

Anchor Wholesale Flowers, Inc.

Annandale Florist, Inc.

Apex-Neidinger, Inc.

Sam Applebaum

Appleway Florist & Greenhouse

Argus Controls Systems, Ltd.

Aromas Nursery, Inc.

Arthur J. Gallagher

Askren & Sons, Inc.

Assoc Florida Gladiolus Growers, Inc.

Atlantic Nurseries, Inc.

Avenue J Florist

B & B Greenhouses

B & C Greenhouses

B & H Flowers, Inc.

Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

Baldwin Wholesale Florist, Inc.

John Balistreri

Ballard Blossom, Inc.

Bark & Garden Center

Steven and Sarah Bartfield

Barton’s Greenhouse & Nursery

Bay State Farm Direct Flowers

Beall’s Roses

Beaverton Florists

Beebe’s Florist

Beecher Wholesale Greenhouse, Inc.

Bel-Air Flower Growers & Shippers, Inc.

Benary Seeds

Bennett’s Greenhouses, Inc.

Glenna Benton

Berkley Florist Supply Company, Inc.

Berns Greenhouse & Garden Center, Inc.

Berry Hill Farms, Inc.

Newt Beugen

Biaggi’s Evergreen Company

Bice Florist, Inc.

Bill Moore & Company, Inc.

Bill’s Flower Market, Inc.

Bill’s Montclaire Floral

Billings Floral

Binley Florist, Inc.

Blackwell Nurseries, Inc.

Blanton’s Flowers, Inc.

Bloom-Rite Flowers, Inc.

Blue Sky Flower Farms, Inc.

Bluebird Nursery, Inc.

Bo-Ty Florist, Inc.

Bonnie Brae Flowers

Bordine Nursery, Ltd.

Bostdorff Greenhouse Acres

Boulevard Florist Wholesale Market

Boven’s Quality Plants

Monica Bramblett

Brassica Wholesale Nursery

Briarwood Florist

Broadway Florist

Brower Greenhouses

Bruce Wheeler Marketing

Bill and Sharon Budnick

Buffalo Import Company

Bundi Gardens, Inc

Buning The Florist

Burns Florist

Busch’s Florist

Butterfly Garden-Lynn Ann Flowers & Gifts

BVM Florist

C. J. Baker Wholesale Florists, Inc.

California Cut Flower Commission

California Flower Farms, Inc.

California Protea Management

California State Floral Assoc.

Christopher and Diane Calkins

Callaway Florists & Greenhouses

Campbell Road Nursery, Inc.

Carey’s Flowers, Inc.

Carithers Flower Shop / Flower Holdings LLC

Carlton Rose Nurseries

Cedar Rapids Greenhouses

Central Iowa Wholesale Floral, Inc.

Charles Barr Company

Charlotte Florist Supply Company, Inc.

Chipola Nurseries, Inc.

City Scents, Ltd.

Claire’s Flowers, Inc.

Clearview Horticultural Products


Clyde Smith & Sons

Colony Florist

Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association

Colorado Springs Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Columbia Greenhouse Co., Inc.

Computer Solutions, Inc.

Cottage Gardens Nursery, Inc.

Country Florist of Waldorf, Inc.

Coy Kendall Flowers, Inc.

Crestline Flower Shop

Crowley Brothers, Inc.

Crown Floral Shop

Crown Research & Chemical

Cupertino Nursery & Florist

Curtis Richardson, Inc.

Cut Flower Exchange of Pennsylvania

D & L Grower Supplies, Inc.

Dahlstrom & Watt Bulb Farms, Inc.

Daisy Hill Greenhouses, Inc.

Daisy’s Market Place

Dan & Jerry’s Greenhouse

Dandelions Flowers & Gifts LLC

Danziger Flower Farm

Dave Lowenheim & Associates

Davidson-Uphoff, Inc.

August De Hertogh, Ph.D.

Dean’s Designs, Inc.

Dean’s Greenhouse

DeGoede Brothers LLC, dba Windmill Gardens

Delaware County Wholesale Florist

deMonye Greenhouses

Deneweth’s Greenhouses & Strawberries

Bradley Deprez

Robert Deprez

Diane Deprez-Harmon

DeSantis Florist

Design of the Times

DeVor Nurseries, Inc.

Dey Bros. Greenhouses, Inc.

Dick & Don’s Greenhouse, Inc.

Dick Adgate Florist

Dick Miller Florist

Dick’s Flowers, Inc.

Diefenbacher Greenhouses

Dill’s Greenhouse

Dix Greenhouse, Inc.

Dixie Green, Inc.

Doherty Flowers

Dole Fresh Flower

John Dole, Ph.D.

Don Hahlbeck Greenhouse

Donna’s Designs, Inc.

Dorsey Floral

Dos Pueblos Orchid Company

Hulda Dramm

Thomas Dudley

Durban’s Greenhouses, Inc.

Earthco, Inc.

East Coast Bulb Company, Inc.

Eastern Floral and Gift Shop

EC Floral Markets

Echter’s Greenhouses, Inc.

Ed Lenz Enterprises, Inc.

Ed Pawlak & Sons Florist, Inc.

Edgewood Greenhouses

Edward’s Florist Supply, Inc.

Edwards Florist, Inc.

Edwards Greenhouse, Inc.

Elliott Rose Company

Ellis Floral Company, Inc.

Elsberry Greenhouse, Inc.

Emil Yedowitz Sons, Inc. Greenhouses

Emma’s Flowers & Gifts

Endres Floral Company

Engledow Group

Entenmann’s Riverside Florist

Eric Johnson, Inc.

Ernst Benary of America, Inc.

Erwin Mojonnier Enterprises

Estate of Doris N. Weberg

Eufloria Flowers

Everflora Chicago, Inc.

Everflora, Inc.

Evergreen Ferneries

Express Seed Company

Extra Touch – Virginia District 6 H&I

F. Clesen & Sons, Inc.


Fabbrini’s Flowers

Fenton Art Glass Co.

Field of Flowers

Figone Nursery

Fiksdal’s Flowers

Fine Farms

Fischer and Page, Ltd.

Fisher Florist, Inc.

Flambeau Products Corporation

Fleming Wholesale, Inc.

Flora Fresh International

Flora Fresh, Inc.

Flora-Dec Sales, Inc.


Florabundance, Inc.

Floral & Hardy dba The Farm Bridge, Inc.

Floral Acres, Inc.

Floral Ave. Greenhouse Company

Floral Importers & Distributors

Floral Supply Syndicate

Floralies Marketing, Inc.

Floralware Display Products, Inc.

Florida Fern Growers Assn.

Florida State Florists’ Assn.

Florimax, Inc.

Flower Cart

Flower Farm, Inc.

Flower Pak, Inc.

Flower Promotion Organization

Flowers By Esther

Flowers By Ford

Flowers by Matthew

Flowers by Ramon

Flowers by Sandy, Inc.

Flowers by Tommy Luke

Flowers Direct, Inc.

Flowers First, Inc.

Flowers International, Inc.

Flowers, Inc. Wholesale

Focus Greenhouse Management, Inc.

Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery

Foxpoint Plant Growers

Frampton’s Greenhouses

Fred C. Gloeckner & Company, Inc.

Fred C. Gloeckner & Company, Inc.

Frank and Bess Fredenhagen

Frederickson Greenhouse

Frericks Gardens

Friesell Ranches

FTD District 1 L

FTD District 1-G&H

FTD District 5-A&B

FTD District 5-C

FTD District 6-E

FTD District 6-F&G

FTD District 7 I

FTD District 7-D

FTD District 8-K

G. C. Chastain Co., Inc.

G. S. Grimes Seeds

G.M. Floral Company

Galleria Farms, LLC

Garden City Floral

Gardensville Greenhouses

Garrison Hill Florists, Inc.

Geo E. Fern Company

George Didden Greenhouses

George Ross

George’s Florist

Georgia State Floral Dist.

Gerald Stevens

Germantown Greenhouses, Inc.

Ghilarducci’s Florists, Inc.

Barbara Gilbert

Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens

Gish’s Pacific Flowers, Inc.

Golden Field Greenhouse

Golden West Greenhouse

Joan Gordon

Gordon’s Greenhouse, Inc. of Bear Valley

Graf Growers

Robert Graham

Gramercy Park Florist

Grassmid Greenhouse

Great Lakes Greenhouse

Green Circle Growers, Inc.

Green Mountain Florist Supply, Inc.

Green Thumb Floral

Greenhouse Grower Magazine

Greenstone Farm Credit Services

Greenstreet Growers, Inc.

Greenwood Greenhouses

Greenwood Nursery

Gregoire’s Flowers

Mr. Drew Gruenburg

Gulley Greenhouse

JoLynn Gustin

H. Nakano & Sons

H.M. Buckley & Sons, Inc.

H.R. Mueller Florist

Halls Flower Shop

Hamilton Farms

Handy Floral Products

Hanford’s, Inc. Wholesale

Wilja Happe

Harris’ Farms

Harrison Wholesale Floral, Inc.

Harry H Fukutome Nursery, Inc.

Harry Miller Flowers

Hartman’s Towne & Country Greenhouse,Inc

Harts Nursery of Jefferson, Inc.

Harvey O Preuss Florists

Hastings, Inc.

Hauge’s Flower Store, Inc.

Hausermann Orchids

Hawkins Greenhouses

Hayman & Lindenberg, Inc.

Hehn’s Greenhouses, Inc

Royal and Charlene Heins

Henry J Kaufman & Assoc., Inc.

Henry Molded Products, Inc.

Hermes Floral Company Inc.

Heyden’s Greenhouses, Inc.

Heyl Roses, Inc.

Hicks Nurseries, Inc.

Jim Hill

Hills Floral Group

Hilltop Gardens

Hines Horticulture, Inc.

Hirt’s Wholesale Company

Nancy Holden

Hoogasian Flowers, Inc.

Hoover Fisher Florist

Horticultural Services, Inc.


Hrnak’s Flowerland, Inc.

Hub Floral Corp.

Hummert International

Hungerford Farms

Hutchinson’s Flowers, Inc.

IBC, Inc.

IBG International

Illinois Bronze Paint Co.

Ironwood Evergreens, Inc.

Alice and Jim Ito

Ivex Floral & Nursery

J & P Transportation, Inc.

J-M Trading Corporation

J. H. Thompson, Inc.

J. Mollema & Son, Inc.

J. W. Dudley Sons Company

Jackson Florist, Inc.

Jacksonville Wholesale Floral Company

Jacobsens Flowers

Jade Systems

James Saunoris & Sons, Inc.

Javo USA, Inc.

Jeff Creque Farms, Inc.

Jessup Transportation, Inc.

Jetram Sales, Inc.

Jiffy Products of America

Joe’s Market Basket LLC

John Gernaat & Son, Inc.

John Schuring, Jr., Company

John VanEerden Greenhouses

Johnny’s Flower Shop

Johnston & McCallum, Inc.

Johnston The Florist

Jones Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Jonker’s Garden

Jost Greenhouses

Laura Kantakis

Kealey-Johnson Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Kessler & Associates

Keystone Ribbon & Floral Supply Co.

Kiko’s Flower & Gifts

King Wholesale Flowers

Kitty’s Flowers

Klenke Floral

Knaup Floral Inc.

Koetsier Greenhouse

Konjoian’s Floriculture Education Service

Kono & Sons, Inc.

Krismer’s Northgate Greenhouses

Kruse Grimm Florist, Inc.

Kunz Floral

Frank Kuwahara

Kwantlen University College

La Crosse Floral Company, Inc.

La Salle Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Diane Lagerstedt

Lala Imports, Inc.

Lamborn Floral Company

Lanman Flower Shop, Inc.

Roy & Darlyne Larson

M. James Leider

Leo Berbee Bulb Company

Lewis Flower Shop, Inc.

Liberty Blooms

John Liesveld

Lievens Bros. Farm, Inc.

Linda’s Fresh & Silk Flowers

Linder’s Greenhouse, Inc.

Lindskoog Florist

Lisa Anne American Foliage Company/The Allensworth Group

Lloyds Wholesale Florist


Longwood Gardens

Lopshire Flowers, Inc.

Louis B Glick & Son, Inc.

Loyson’s Greenhouse

Lucas Greenhouses

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery, Inc.

Lynn Doyle Flowers, Inc.

M & M Wholesale Florist, Inc.

M.J. McCall Company, Inc.

Machiela Farms

Macres Florist

Main Wholesale Florist

Tom Marek

Mark Knox – Personal

Marshall St. Greenhouses

Mary Jane Flst/Gift Shop

O.A. Matkin

Mattern Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Mattoon Flower Shop & Ghses.

Matzke Florists

Mayer’s Flower Cottage

Mazzoni Farms, Inc.

McArdle Florist & Garden Center

McCallum Wholesale Floral Service

McGovern Florist

McHutchison Horticultural Distributors

McNamara – Broadripple Florist

Judy Mears

Measured Marketing

Melex Imports


Alice Metcalf

Michael Parrella


Michigan Peat

Mid Island Floral Supply, Ltd.

Middle Atlantic Florists Assn.

Midtown Florist, Nursery & Greenhouse

Midwest Horticulture Supply Company

Milmont Greenhouses, Inc.

Minneapolis Floral Company

Minshall The Florist, Inc.

Mistletoe Wholesale Florist

Moehring-Woods Flowers

Moeller Greenhouse

Moncrief’s Wholesale Greenhouses, Inc.

Monterey Flowers, Inc.

Morgan’s Nursery & Plant Farm

Mountain State Greenhouse

Napco Marketing Corp.

Navlet’s Flowers & Gift

Neitzert’s Greenhouse & Florist

Netcong Village Florist

Nettie’s Flower Garden, Inc.

Network Printing Company

Neve Brothers

Nickeson Greenhouses

Norben Import Corp.

Norl Schut Greenhouses, Inc.

Nouvette Trading Ltd.

Novacek Greenhouses

Nuckton Company

O K Flower Shedd

Ann O’Bleness

Oak Grove Fernery

Oakland Nursery

Obra Verde Growers

Oelschig Nursery, Inc.

Oelschig’s Wholesale Nursery


Oklahoma Flower Market

Oklahoma State Florist’s Assn.

Oliver Flower Shop & Greenhouses

Orchid Isle Nursery

Orie VanWingerden & Sons Greenhouses

Stephen Otte

Otto Keil Florist

Ozark Wholesale Florist, Inc.

P. Washburn

Pacific Coast Evergreens

Pacific Flower Shippers, Inc.

Pacific Plant Farm, Inc.

Palisade Greenhouse, Inc.

Palm Ranch

Panacea Products Corporation

Park Florist

Parmenter & Blooms Florist

Passion Growers LLC

Pastorino & Sons Nursery

Paul Meconi Wholesale Florist

Paul Meconi, Inc.

Paul Minor, Inc.

Pechiney Plastics Packaging

Penn Hill Farm

Penn State Seed Company

Petal Florist

Peter’s Flowers

Phil Gernaat & Sons, Inc.

Plant Products Company, Ltd.

Plantland Garden Center

Plaza Flowers

Podesta’s of California

Gustav Poesch

Poinsettia Pete’s Exotici, Inc.

Poulsen Greenhouses, Inc.

Prairie Flowers & Gifts

Pressell’s Florist & Greenhouses

Preston Altman Etal

Pritchard’s Wholesale Florist

Priva Computers, Inc.

Produce Marketing Association

Progressive Growers

Prolific Plants, Inc.

Proschels Meadow Brook Florist

PVP Industries, Inc.

Quality Gladiolus Gardens, Inc.

Quality Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Quinlan-Wasserman Wholesale Florist, Inc.

R. David Adams Flowers

Radford City Florist, Inc.

Rainbow Farm and Greenhouse

Rainbow Florist

Rancho Del Mar Wholesale Florist

Rancho Tissue Technologies, Inc.

Raney’s Plants

Cindy Rapley

Raymond A Fleck, Inc.

Reinecker Nursery

Reliable Glassware & Pottery Co., Inc.

Relles Florist

Riverside Wholesale Florist

Robert Fine Associates

Robert L Orth, Inc.

Robertson Of Chestnut Hill Florist

Rod McLellan Company

Roman J. Claprood of Alabama

Roman J. Claprood of Clarksburg

Roman J. Claprood of Lima

Ruhlig’s Farms

S.F. Brannan St. Wholesale


Sam Bridge Nursery’N Greenhouses

San Diego Florist Supply Inc.

San Lorenzo of Texas

Satow Growers, Inc.

Sauisa S.A.

Schaap’s Greenhouse

Scherer’s Plant Farm

Lin Schmale-Tate

Schmidlin Produce, Inc.

Israel Schneider

Schneider’s Florist

Schundler Company

Robert Schurke

Scott’s House Of Flowers

Kurt Seelbach

Select Ribbons, Inc.

Selecta Farms, Inc.

Semrau Greenhouses, Inc.

Sequoia Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Shannon’s Flowers & Gifts

Delois Shelton

Shemin Nurseries, Inc.

Shemin Nurseries

Shenandoah Floral Mfg. Co., Inc.

Sheppard West, Inc

Sheridan Nurseries

Laura Shinall

Shinoda Design Center, Inc.

Ken Short

Shreveport Flower Mart, Inc.

Sid’s Greenhouse & Florist

Simon Hoekstra & Son, Inc.

Skinner Advertising Specialties, Inc.

Smith Gardens, Inc.

Harry and Katherine Smith

Smith, Brock & Weber LLC

Sol Spitz Co., Inc.

Sen Speroff

Sportel Greenhouse

Springfield Florists’ Supply, Inc.

St. Cloud Floral, Inc.

St. Rose Nursery

Stan Cassel Greenhouses, Inc.

Star Lake Greenhouse


Stieglers Florist

Stimming Flowers of California

Bob Stoeckl

Stokes Seeds

Stonequarry Greenhouses, Inc.

Stringer Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Strong Lite Products

Stutzman Greenhouses

Styer’s Hort. Consulting, Inc.

Suk Farms & Greenhouses

Steve Summers

Sunderman Manufacturing Company

Sunflowers Florist

Sunwest Wholesale Floral, Inc.

Superior Florals, Inc.

Susan’s Florist

Sweetwater Tropicals

John S. Swift Charitable Trust

Fred and Martha Swindle

Syracuse Pottery, Inc.

T L C Polyform, Inc.

T. Larry Jones, Inc.

Talmage Farm

Bill Taylor

Taylor’s Flower Shop & Greenhouse, Inc.

Texas A&M

Texas State Florists’ Assn.

The Conard-Pyle Company

The Country Greenery

The Flower Basket, Ltd.

The Flower Market

The Flower Merchant, Ltd.

The Greenery

The Grower Talks Advertisers

The Growing Place

The Robert J.M. Knash Estate

Thies Farm & Greenhouses

Thorsen’s Greenhouse

Toledo Area Flower & Vegetable Growers Association

Tom’s Greenhouses, Inc.

Tommy’s Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Tremont Floral Supplies, Inc.

Tri-Mar, Inc.

Tropical Foliage Plants, Inc.

Trudy’s Flowers

Trueleaf Technologies

Tuinstra Greenhouse, LLC

Twin Lake Greenhouse, LLC

Ulery Greenhouse Company

Uncle John’s Plant Farm

Union County Florist Supplies, Inc.

United Flower Growers Co-Op.

United Wholesale Florists of California

University of Alaska

Utah Roses, Inc.

Van der Salm Farms, Inc.

Jim and Cyndy Van Namen

John and Pam Van Namen

Van Wingerden Greenhouses

Vanni Nursery, Inc.

Vestal Woda Farms

Vinson & Fortiner

Vis Seed Company

Viviano Flower Shop

Vogt’s Flowers, Inc.

Vogue Flowers & Gifts, Ltd.

Tyrus C. Voigt

W. W. McAllister Company

Wagenmaker Farms, Inc.

Waldo & Associates

Walter R. Knoll Florist

Waterloo Gardens, Inc.

Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse

Wedowee Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Weesies Brothers Farms, Inc.

Thomas Weiler

Welch Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Wells Fargo Bank – Carlsbad RCBO

West Hills Greenhouses, Inc.

West Side Greenhouses

Westerlay Roses

Weston Trucking Co.

Weyerhauser Tissue Culture Center

Whistle Stop Florist

Wholesale Flower Market, Inc.

Wickman Gardens, Inc.

Virginia Wienhoeber

J. Wilcox

Wild Flowers Quality Wholesale

Willard DeHaan & Son Greenhouses

William F. Puckett, Inc.

William Pinchbeck, Inc.

Willow Run Farms

Wilson Farm, Inc.

Windler Wholesale Floral Company

Windmill Nursery

Witmers’ Greenhouses, Inc.

Wolfe Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Wooden Shoe Greenhouses, Inc.

Everett Wright

X.S. Smith, Inc.

XYZ Imports, Inc.

Yoshitomi Brothers

Zipperer Farms, Inc.