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AFE donors who have given between $5,000 – $9,999 in total cumulative donations.

redrose2AA Importing, Inc.
Agriflora Group
Albert Neill
Aldershot of New Mexico, Inc.
Aldik Artificial Flower Co.
Amato’s Wholesale Florist
American Carnation Society
American Clay Works & Supply Co.
American Foam Technologies, Inc.
Amlings Flowerland
Amlings of California, Inc.
Amy’s Orchids
Andy Blodgett
A-Roo Company
Artistic Investment Corporation
B & L Greenhouse LLC
Badger Wholesale Florists, Inc.
Ball Tagawa Growers
Bartz-Viviano Flowers
Battlefield Farms
Baucom’s Nursery Company
Behnke Nurseries Company
Bell Nursery
Bel-R Greenhouse, Inc.
Beroske Farms & Greenhouses, Inc.
Berthold-Grigsby of Kentucky, Inc.
Blumex USA, Inc.
Bob Norton
Bob’s Market & Greenhouses
Bodger Seeds, Ltd.
Boesen the Florist
Bogie Lake Greenhouse, Inc.
Bouldin & Lawson
California Assn. of Flower Grower & Shippers
California Cut Flower Commission
California Flower Shippers
Calvert Wholesale Florists, Inc.
Carolina Nurseries
Carson & Gebel Ribbon Co.
Catoctin Mountain Growers
Celebrity, Inc.
Center Greenhouse, Inc.
Cherry Creek Systems, Inc.
Chicago Florist Supply Company
Cloy Miller
Conner Park Florist, Inc.
Conroy’s, Inc.
Continental Farms LLC
Continental Floral Greens
Craig Bachman Imports
D.S. Cole Growers
Daehnfeldt, Inc.
D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Inc.
Day One Fresh, LLC
Delbert Smith, Inc.
Delores Todd
Dickerson’s Greenhouse
Dominion Growers, Inc.
Donald Hook
Dr. Marvin Miller
Duamex L.L.C.
Eason Horticultural Resources, Inc.
Elaine Carbone
Elmhurst Flower Growers, Inc.
Elmira Floral Products, Inc.
Elzinga & Hoeksema Greenhouse
Esbenshades’ Greenhouses
Esprit Miami, Inc.
Euser’s Greenhouses, Inc.
Fairview Greenhouse, Inc.
Falcon Farms
Farm Connection
Ferris Brothers, Inc.
FloraCraft Corporation
Floral Works, Inc.
Florist Magazine
Florists’ Mutual Insurance Co.-Officers
Florists’ Review Enterprises, Inc.
Flower Mart, Inc.
Foco, Inc.
Four Star Greenhouse
Frederick Brown
From You Flowers, LLC
FTD District 14 G
FTD District 15-A – Seattle
FTD District 2-A&B, Nielsens’ Flw. Inc.
G & E Greenhouses, Inc.
G. A. Berlin, Inc.
G. R. Kirk Company
General Farms
George W Radebaugh & Sons
Georgia Yoder
Glad-A-Way Gardens
Golden State Bulb Growers
Grande Greenhouse, Inc.
Green Leaf Enterprises, Inc.
Greight Marketing Concepts
Groen Rose Company, Inc.
Grolink, Inc.
Growers Wholesale Florist
Growing Systems, Inc.
H.J. Benken Florist & Greenhouses, Inc.
Harry Sharp
Henry J. Seagroatt Company, Inc.
Hero Tsukushi
Hill’s Imports
Holex Flower B.V.
Hosa International
Hudson and Associates, Inc.
International Floral Distributors
Iwasaki Bros., Inc.
J & L Plants, Inc.
J.R. Johnson Supply, Inc.
Jack & Carolynn Van Namen
James and Iva T Irwin
James Sykora
Jim Akin, Inc.
Jim Durio Florist, Inc.
John Van Wingerden
Jones the Florist, Inc.
K Drive Greenhouse Company
Kalamazoo Valley Plant Growers Co-op
Karthauser & Sons, Inc.
Kathleen Curtice
Kuhn Acquistion, LLC d/b/a Kuhn Flowers, Inc.
Lakewood Greenhouses, Inc.
Landmark Plastic Corp.
Lansing Florists Exchange
Latif Farms
Lederer Greenhouses, Inc.
Living Plant Growers Association
Longfellow Greenhouse
Longview Fibre Co.
Lynchburg Wholesale Floral Corp.
Maday’s Wholesale Greenhouses, Inc.
Master Tag
McIntire Florist
Melody Farms, Inc.
Micandy Garden Greenhouse
Mr. G. Ramsey Yoder
Mr. Sten Crissey
Multiflora / Vistaflora Corporation
Mutual Cut Flower, Ltd.
N.C Bulb Growers Association
Nature’s Flowers
Nelson & Holmberg
New Century Transportation
Newton Greenhouse, Inc.
Nordlie, Inc.
Norfolk Wholesale Floral Corp.
Novartis Seed Company
Nyren Brothers of Conneticut
O. and Helen Haley, Jr.
Oglesby Plant Laboratories, Inc.
Ohlman Farm & Greenhouse
Olin Wetzel
Olson’s Greenhouses, Inc.
Oregon Flowers, Inc.
Oregon Roses Inc.
Otto Wentland
Pagter Innovations
Panzer Nursery, Inc.
Parks Horticulture, Walt Disney World
Paul Krone Fellowship Fund
Penny’s Flowers
Peoria Gardens, Inc.
Perishables Research Organization
Peterson Brothers
Plainview Growers
Plant Marvel Laboratories
Platz Flowers & Supply, Inc.
Possum Run Greenhouses, Inc.
Ray Kitayama
Renato Zappettini
Rhyne Floral Supply Manufacturing
Richard Barrett
Riverdale Farms, Inc.
Riverview Flower Farm, Inc.
Robert Johnson
Robert Mann Packaging, Inc.
Robert Saunders & Company
Roman J. Claprood of florida
Ronald and Barbara Pierre
Ronald Jones Ferneries
S. Pennock, Jr.
San Diego Flowers by Coley
Seagroatt Riccardi, Ltd.
Shady Hill Gardens
South Central Growers, Inc.
Sparks Florist
Sparks Florist, Inc.
Spectrum Investment Company
Speedling, Inc.
Stimming Flowers
Summit Plastics Company
Suncoast Greenhouses, Inc.
T. James Kavanagh Foundation
The Claprood Companies
The Elite Flower Company
The Green Thumb, Inc.
The Hiawatha Corp.
Timbuk Farms, Inc.
Tulsa Greenhouse, Inc.
U.S. Flowers
Uniflora Overseas Florida, Inc.
United Floral Exchange, Inc.
US Flowers, Inc.
Valent U.S.A. Corporation
Valley Floral Company, Inc.
Valley View Farms
Value Network Service
Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company
Veldkamp’s Flowers & Gifts, Inc.
Victor Levy
Vosters Nurseries, Inc.
W.A. Zappettini Group, Inc.
Wagner Greenhouses, Inc.
Waterdale, Inc.
Western Michigan Greenhouse Association
Westview Greenhouses
William F. Kasting Company, Inc.
York Flowers, Inc.
Zeidler Floral Company, Inc.
Zieger & Sons, Inc.