AFE donors who have given between $10,000 – $14,999 in total cumulative donations.

Thank You Flowers copyA.L. Randall Co. Salesmen

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd.

C. Raker and Sons, Inc.

C.J. Van Bourgondien, Inc. Greenhouses

California Chrysanthemum Growers Assn.

California Flower Market, Inc.

California Pajarosa

Will & Barb Carlson

Coast Nurseries, Inc.

Everett Conklin

Conroy Wholesale Florist

Creative Distributors, Inc.

Cuthbert Greenhouses

Don Flowers Florist, Inc.

Dos Gringos – H&L Group LLC

Dramm and Echter, Inc.

Dramm Corporation

East Jordan Plastics, Inc.

Maureen Ecke

Elite Flower Services, Inc.

Esmeralda Farms

Ever-Bloom, Inc.

Exotic Gardens

Fairytale Foils

Farmers’ West Flowers & Bouquets

Fred Flipse

Floral Plant Growers, LLC

Flower Trading Corporation

Flowers, Inc. Balloons

Frazee Flowers, Inc.

Fresca Farms, LC

Fronteir De Colombia/ Aerofloral, Inc.

Gainan’s Floral & Greenhouses

Green Point Nurseries, Inc.

Greiling Farms, Inc.

David Hartley

Holtkamp Greenhouses, Inc.

Hungnong Seed America Inc.

International Master Products

J. M. McConkey & Company, Inc.

J. P. Freund, Inc.

J.B. Parks Wholesale Florist, Inc.

Jacobson Floral Supply, Inc.

John Dramm Sales

K.W. Zellers & Sons

Jack Kaufman

Kee Kitayama Research Foundation

Klepac Brothers Greenhouses, Inc.

Kremp Florist

Kurt Weiss Florist, Inc.

Lafayette Florist, Gift Shop and Garden Center

Lubbock Wholesale Florist, Inc.

M. Adler’s Son, Inc.

William Maas

Mast Greenhouses-Illinois

Matsui Nursery, Inc.

Mears Floral Products, Inc.

Metrolina Greenhouses, Inc.

Mid American Growers

Milton M Weiss

Mischler’s Florist, Inc.

Moore Paper Boxes, Inc.

Mount Clemens Rose Gardens

Mueller Brothers, Inc.

National Floral Supply of Maryland, Inc.

National Greenhouse Manufacturers Assoc.

Neal Mast & Sons Greenhouses, Inc.

Neubauer’s Flowers, Inc.

Oliver & Thompson, Inc.

Pacific Floral Exchange, Inc.

Park Floral Company

Paul’s Wholesale Florist

Pearlstein Family Foundation

Phoenix Flower Shops

Pierson Gardens, Inc.

Pinter Brothers

Pleasant View Gardens, Inc.

Post Gardens, Inc.

Premium Flowers Corp.


Pyramid Flowers, Inc.

Jack Redditt

Rojahn & Malaney Company

Roman J. Claprood Company

San Diego County Flower & Plant Association

San Diego International Floral Trade Center

Shinoda Floral, Inc.

Sluder Floral Co.

Sonny’s Texas Posies Company

Southern California Floral Assn.

Southern California Flower Growers, Inc.

Larry Teitel

Tennessee Florist Supply, Inc.

The YardenCare Company

Toni’s Flowers & Gifts

Twin City Florist Supply, Inc.

Twyford Plant Laboratories, Inc.

U.S. Floral Corporation

Wadsworth Control Systems, Inc.

Jerome Wagner

Welby Gardens Company, Inc.

Wenke/Sunbelt Greenhouses

William Willbrandt