About the National Floriculture Forum

The National Floriculture Forum (NFF) is an annual educational meeting of stakeholders from academic institutions, governmental agencies and the floriculture/greenhouse industry. University professors and graduate students, government scientists and industry leaders in floriculture have been attending this meeting since 1999.

National Floriculture Forum

This meeting brings together diverse floricultural communities with the objectives to 1) address issues of importance to the floriculture industry, 2) form collaborative relationships, and 3) improve communication within the American floriculture industry and disseminate information.

This meeting is the only one of its kind and continues to bring members of the floriculture community together each year. The importance of the NFF has increased as the number of horticulture departments have decreased and as funding for floriculture has decreased.

NFF gives participants an opportunity to debate the future of floriculture against the dramatic changes in the global business environment. Tours, seminars, posters and discussions during the NFF meetings allow the leaders of U.S. floriculture to discuss strategies to improve the image and prestige of floriculture.