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Dear Industry Friends,

I’m pleased to greet you as you travel through AFE’s website and learn about the great work AFE does on behalf of the industry.

As the mission states, AFE is an independent nonprofit organization that funds research and scholarships in floriculture and environmental horticulture for the benefit of growers, wholesalers, retailers, allied industry organizations and the general public.

AFE:Florist makes flowers bouquet in wicker basket

  • has funded more than $16 million in research and scholarships over its first 50 years.
  • protects the floral industry by funding research to solve scientific challenges posed by disease, pests, and other environmental issues.
  • funds scholarships and internships that help educate the next generation of floral industry leaders.
  • invests donations prudently with only generated dividends used to fund research and scholarships. Each donation to AFE continues to give.

GreenhousePlease be sure to visit the research and scholarship pages of the website and read firsthand how AFE’s internships and scholarships have made a difference to students pursuing a career in the industry.  Read about scientific advances and accomplishments from AFE-funded research and how many popular industry procedures in place today result directly from research that has been funded by AFE.

AFE-funded research and scholarships benefit the entire industry, from growers all the way to consumers.  I invite you to join with other floriculture leaders to strengthen the industry and become an AFE donor.

Jim Daly
VP of Floralife & Research at Smithers-Oasis/FLORALIFE®
Past Chairman, American Floral Endowment