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About the American Floral Endowment

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Funding The Future of Floriculture

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is the trusted source and catalyst for floriculture advancement through funding of innovative research, scholarships, internships, and educational grants that best serve the dynamic needs and demographics of all industry sectors.

AFE is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Any gift you make to AFE is tax-deductible to the maximum extend allowed by law.  AFE Tax ID: 23-6268380

Who supports the Endowment and why?

Growers, wholesalers, retailers, allied trades, associations and individuals have contributed to the Endowment since its inception in 1961. BoardJuly2013Three simple facts explain why companies and individuals support our work:

  • Research and education are the lifeblood of any industry
  • No single company can afford to fund these needs of our industry
  • Industry companies can multiply resources to address these needs by contributing to the Endowment

Concentrating on:

How AFE strengthens the industry:

AFE has sponsored much of the modern research that benefits the industry, from funding studies on pest and disease control to marketing and media research. MoneyPlantContributions to the Endowment’s corpus directly result in consistent, stable increases in grant funding. Earnings from the corpus provide annual funding dollars. As the corpus grows, dollars available for funding increase. Today, the corpus has grown to approximately $16 million with close to $1 million available for annual allocations. AFE is comprised of committees that evaluate research and scholarship proposals. Having committees in place makes it easier for donors to ensure their funds are handled properly without worrying about the mechanics behind donating. Nevertheless, AFE appreciates when donors want to give their input, which is always considered valuable. Contributions in any amount are welcome at any time and in any legitimate form, including cash, insurance policies, marketable real and personal property, stocks, bonds and planned giving methods.

Our vision is strong!

AFE represents a strong, unified floriculture community fostering industry innovation and growth to better connect people to flowers and plants in everyday life

Strong research and development sustains any industry’s growth, and the Endowment is committed to:

  • Generating and allocating dollars to fund scientific research responding to industry-guided needs
  • Promoting cooperative and non-duplicative research projects
  • Producing results

Knowledge and information prepare the foundation for understanding. The Endowment is committed to fostering understanding by initiating and maintaining industry-funded programs. The programs aim to deliver responsive and useful statistical and marketing data to provide insight into the floral industry market while leveraging the cost and availability to all. Human spirit, talent, and ability dictate an industry’s growth. The Endowment is committed to funding programs supporting education and professional development to attract, encourage, train and improve industry human resources. Resources must be known and understood to make a difference. The Endowment is committed to widely and effectively disseminating the research and educational results of its funding efforts.

Who receives funding?

Industry priorities guide funding. Floriculture, ornamental and environmental horticulture funding supports research at top land-grant universities throughout the U.S., including Cornell, the University of Florida, the University of California, Michigan State University, The Ohio State University and many others. retailshopStatistical collection/information programs are administered from the Endowment, and new crop and development programs are sponsored at the USDA. Educational funding involves administering collegiate internship programs, supporting the Floriculture Forum, Society of American Florists’ and American Hort educational programs, Future Farmers of America programs, national floral competitions, and sponsoring events to highlight career opportunities in the industry.

Contributions make things happen!

Contributions are welcome at any time and in any legitimate form including cash, insurance policies, moneyflowersmarketable real and personal property, stocks, bonds and planned giving methods. Special tribute plans are available providing opportunities to recognize and honor others in a lasting and meaningful way. They include Memorial, Corporate and Living Tributes. Levels of giving provide recognition to all who support the Endowment’s important work. All contributions pertaining to giving levels are cumulative and never expire. Thank you for your support of AFE!