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We are accepting applications for two floriculture/horticulture paid internship programs – the Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Program and the Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Program.

Applications are due October 1st!


Our internships are the best way for students to gain hands-on experience that helps them toward their future careers. Since their inception, our programs have been awarded 1.3 million dollars in scholarships to deserving students in the industry.

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Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Program

The Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Program provides the opportunity to gain experience at a commercial production greenhouse or nursery. The program offers paid internships in three, four or six-month durations and provides scholarships of up to $6,000


In addition, faculty are reimbursed up to $1,000 in travel expenses to visit students at their internship sites!

Three videos were created to promote this program, including the student/faculty video, which shares students’ successful internship experiences and testimonials on how the program helped them in their careers.

Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Program

The Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Program provides students pursuing a career in retail or wholesale operations with internship experience and honors the late Colonel and Mrs. Walter E. Mosmiller, Jr. The program offers paid internships in 10-16 week durations and provides scholarships of $2,000



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Apply for the Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Program


To learn more about these programs and apply online, visit
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COVID-19 Update from AFE

The health and safety of our interns remain a top priority. While we encourage students to apply for these paid internship programs, we are evaluating the timing of all internships and will grant extensions as needed to ensure the safety of our host employers, their staff, and the interns as we continue to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19 and the Delta variant. If your business is looking for interns or you’d like to sign up to be a host, please contact AFE’s Program Coordinator, Candice Musgrove at