Join us for the 2017 National Floriculture Forum Meeting!

National Floriculture Forum

The National Floriculture Forum (NFF) is an annual educational meeting for greenhouse growers, industry leaders, university faculty, graduate students and government scientists from academic institutions, governmental agencies and the greenhouse industry.

This group of floriculturists have been meeting since 1999.

The NFF brings together diverse floricultural communities with the objectives to 1) address issues of importance to the floriculture industry, 2) form collaborative relationships and 3) improve communication within the American floriculture industry to share and disseminate information.

These meetings are one-of-a-kind and continue to bring members of the floriculture community together each year.

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Philadelphia Flower Show in Philadelphia, PA

The 2017 National Floriculture Forum is going to the Philadelphia Flower Show and Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia, PA from March 17-19, 2017.

Trip Overview:

The 2017 NFF meeting will be taking advantage of the Philadelphia Flower Show, the region’s close proximity to multiple public gardens and a commercial hydroponic cut flower operation that sells direct to the consumer.

On the last day, participants will gather to discuss increasing the younger generation participation in production and academic floriculture and horticulture. This is such an important issue, as much of the industry is aging and many educators are retiring with no one to step in.

Members of AFE’s Young Professionals Council will attend and discuss their work on this topic.

For more information, please contact event coordinator Krystal Snyder at [email protected].com.


Watch a video from the 2016 NFF event!

The group of the National Floriculture Forum 2016 toured major industry and research facilities in the Netherlands and Germany in late January 2016. Technology used in the European greenhouse industry is truly spectacular.

AFE is pleased to host the National Floriculture Forum on our website.