SIntern with Apply Now Sign in Greenhousetudents must complete the online Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Application and submit all supporting documentation by the March 1 or October 1 deadline.

In addition to the online application, students must submit:

  • A Personal Statement — the personal statement should be one page and include your past and current involvement in floriculture activities, your expectations from the program, and your future career goals in the industry.
  •  Official Transcripts from your College/University — Official transcripts must be submitted.  AFE will not accept copies.
  • Color Photo — submit a color photo to be used in promotional communications should you be awarded an internship. (This can be emailed to AFE by the student).

Take the copy of your Completed Application (you will receive a copy by email), Personal Statement and Official Transcripts to your Faculty Adviser — your adviser will be responsible for submitting this material to AFE on your behalf.  He or she must sign the copy of the application (where indicated), write a letter of recommendation on your behalf, and submit all materials to AFE prior to the deadline of March 1 or October 1.   (Remember to remind them of the deadline!!)

Applications missing any of the above materials, or without a signature by a faculty member will not be considered.

The Vic and Margaret Ball Committee* will review applications following both deadlines to determine which students who will be awarded the scholarship.  Students will be notified of the committee’s decision within 2-4 weeks.

If selected, internships must be started within 12 months of application date and must be completed before graduation.

*Current members of the Vic & Margaret Ball Committee:

  • Randy Tagawa (Chairman)
  • Dwight Larimer (Trustee)
  • Christopher Currey (Faculty)
  • Kimberly Williams (Faculty)
  • Kate Soper (Non-trustee)
  • Christopher Soper (Non-trustee)
  • Dr. Allen Hammer (Emeritus)