General Information

All applications require a current email address, as well as a permanent and current address. Each student will receive an email receipt of application when the completed online application is received.

Please note that AFE scholarships are intended for sophomore through graduate level college students pursuing degrees in floriculture and horticultural fields only, and this form is only for undergraduate students.

Please read each scholarship description to determine if you qualify for the scholarship. Up to six scholarships may be selected. Applications with more than six scholarships selected will not be reviewed.

All scholarships are provided as cash awards, ranging from $300 to $4,000 with checks issued jointly in the name of the recipient and the college or institution he or she will be attending in the fall. Each student who has won a scholarship will be sent a notification letter by U.S. mail. Scholarship decisions will be made by August of each year.

How to Apply

Complete ONE application online. The deadline is May 1 for all application components (online application, transcripts, two letters of recommendation). Do not wait until the last minute.

All application fields must be completed. Use "(not applicable)" for any questions that do not apply to you.

Each application and support document must be written in English or include an English translation.

The following checklist will help you to prepare a complete application:

  • Online application form
  • Two letters of recommendation - Preferably one from a teacher evaluating you as a student and one from an employer evaluating you as a worker. Click this link to print out the scholarship recommendation form. Please do not submit more than two letters of recommendation.
  • Transcripts from your most recent school. Transcripts do not need to be official. It is preferred that you submit transcripts via email as Microsoft Word, JPEG or PDF files.
  • Those applying for an international scholarship must send relevant documentation of travel plans and/or acceptance in a work/study program.
  • SUBMIT ALL MATERIALS ON OR BEFORE MAY 1. Incomplete applications and applications posted online after May 1 will not be considered. Email is the preferred method for submitting transcripts and letters of recommendation. Send to:


You Must...

* Be pursuing a career that is in a field related to FLORICULTURE or HORTICULTURE.

* Be a CITIZEN OR RESIDENT OF THE U.S. OR CANADA, or be enrolled in an accredited educational institution in the U.S. or Canada.

* HAVE A MINIMUM 2.0 GRADE POINT AVERAGE to be considered for most scholarships. (Applicants with lower grade point averages may be considered if they have otherwise outstanding qualifications or extenuating circumstances.)

Tips for Success:

Write a clear and concise career goal statement. The statement of intent is one of the most important parts of your application. Some items you should include are your career aspirations, why you are interested in the floriculture industry and how you plan to contribute.

Show a passion for the industry through academics, employment and extra curricular activities.

When submitting transcripts or letters of recommendation please send them via email as a Microsoft Word or PDF file to: